Ah, nuts! Squirrel hides 200 walnuts under car hood

It's safe to say that this was a plan that wasn't going to last through the winter
squirrel nuts "Wait... there's WHAT under the hood?" (Chris Persic/Facebook)

The squirrel is well known for its nest-building, nut-saving ability. All autumn, it goes on a mad scramble to store as many delicious nuts as possible, while building a happy, cozy home of grasses and leaves.

Then when winter hits, it just curls up and chows down until warmer weather returns.

Generally speaking, this is a great plan ... as long as the animal chooses the right spot to store its stash. Which is exactly what a certain squirrel didn't do recently.

Nut what they were expecting

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"I'm sorry, you'll have to speak up, I'm waterskiing! The nuts? What about them? They're GONE?! Oh, man ... I guess this vacation is ending early ..." (Getty Embed)

When a Pittsburgh woman named Holly Persic was out driving her car in early October, she smelled something burning. So she called her husband Chris for advice, who told her to open the hood. What did she find?

Over 200 walnuts and a pile of grass put there by a squirrel. No way!

In the end, the car was cleaned out, and life for the Persics returned to normal. As for the squirrel, though ... we're sorry to say that all of its hard work ended up being for nothing. But chin up! Fall isn't over yet.

Just try to choose a better spot next time, buddy, okay?

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  1. That’s “nuts”! I mean, just HOW did that squirrel lift up the hood of Mrs. Persic’s car and hid all of those walnuts and grass?!

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