There’s Waldo is the ultimate find-it robot

It uses facial recognition technology to solve classic book puzzles in seconds
where's Waldo We wonder, is this robot so good that it could find the real Waldo in THIS crowd? (Wikimedia Commons)

The world famous Where's Waldo? books have sold something like 40 million copies worldwide. One of the keys to its phenomenal success is the easy-to-understand/challenging-to-do nature of their central puzzle. Over and over, readers try to find the red-and-white, bespectacled title character from a crowd of dozens or even hundreds of other characters.

It's always a fun little quest. And there's special thrill to be had out of being the fastest person to find Waldo. Just don't try to do it against this thing...

There's Robo

There's Waldo is the name of a robot that does one thing and one thing, only. Find Waldo.

It uses facial recognition technology to find our hidden hero in seconds. (An average of 4.5 seconds, to be exact.) Sorry, Waldo experts. Though to be fair, it's only 95% accurate, which means that 1 out of 20 times it picks out Wenda, instead. Watch this video to see this bizzaro machine in action!

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