This Turkish baker makes incredibly realistic cakes

Tuba Geçkil is a bakery artist whose work in the kitchen has won awards worldwide
realistic cakes This vase isn't pottery. It's cake! Everything is cake! (Instagram/@tubageckil_art)

We all love cake. And the sight of a luscious, freshly baked cake is one that starts an instant craving. The creamy waves of icing. The warm scent still hanging in the air of the kitchen. May we have a piece, please?

Then there are things that don't make us immediately hungry. Things like shoes. Soap bottles. Towels. A roll of toilet paper.


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Wait. Was that roll of toilet paper ... cake?

Welcome to Tuba's world

Meet Tuba Geçkil. She is a baker from Istanbul, Turkey, and she is a genius. She bakes realistic cakes—works of edible art so convincing, that you'd sooner put them on your feet than in your mouth.


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Wow! That is so impressive. Tuba has been making these realistic cakes for about 10 years. And though other people do this, too, she has established herself as a master of the style. She leads popular workshops to help people discover the realistic baker in themselves. But while there are basic skills that many of us can learn, it's hard to imagine becoming as skilled and inventive as Tuba.

But hey, practice makes perfect. Hope you're all hungry—the bakery is open!

Tour a collection of Tuba's work at her Red Rose Cake bakery in the video below.

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  1. ❓ Although the artistic ability is obvious I would find it hard to eat something that didn’t look like cake.

    1. I agree with Donna, they look very realistic witch could be a good or a bad thing. I am not sure if I would like to eat something that looks like a shoe or a bar of soap, I think the flavour is a big part of it to. No one wants to eat a bar of soap that is cake that tastes like soap.

  2. WOW…just wow… I want one!!?‍♀️?‍♀️ however, I hope that the cakes don’t like taste like the object like the cake looks like a bar of sope but I don’t wanna eat a cake that tastes like sope.

  3. Wow! I think the most realistic ones were the bananas, toilet paper roll, and the cleaning products! Personally, I would be more interested in a delicious looking cake, rather than a realistic cake. I think it is more appealing to eat, rather than admire with my eye. But, hey! There’s always eye candy (like these cakes!)

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