Watch the Japanese YouTuber who plays food music!

Junji Koyoma is an elementary school teacher who has been "produce"-ing melodies this way for over ten years
food music Who's ready for band practice? (© Kanchana Tanthawarak |

In music, a producer is someone who helps a band in a studio make a record. It is also a person who writes beats and material for other artists.

But perhaps we should make way for another musical definition of the word "producer". As in...

producer n: A person who uses produce to make music.

Food music? Say what?

Japan's one-man grocery band

Junji Koyoma is this kind of producer. For over ten years, the Japanese elementary school teacher has been making instruments out of the stuff that normally fills our fridges and fruit bowls. We're talking carrots, papayas, cabbages, radishes, peppers, and so much more.

And, because he is a teacher, he also has videos on his channel that show how you can make edible instruments yourself!

Ready to hear Koyoma's snack-estra in action? Watch the food music maestro at work as he...

...plays Christmas music on a carrot!

...jams hard on a radish! out on a cabbage slide whistle!

...toots his trumpet made of cucumbers and peppers!

...and teaches you how to make your own carrot ocarina!

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