Wrigley is ready for history

Tonight's game between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians will be the first World Series game at historic Wrigley Field in 71 years
wrigley field Can the Chicago Cubs win their first World Series title since moving into this historic ballpark? (© Ffooter | Dreamstime.com)

In this world of bigger, better sports stadiums, it's pretty rare to find one that's much older than 25 years. But every once in a while, you stumble across one that is simply too historic to let go of. Madison Square Garden in New York City (where the NHL's Rangers and NBA's Knicks play) was built in 1968. Lambeau Field has been the home of the NFL's Green Bay Packers since 1957.

But few American cities do classic stadiums like Chicago, Illinois. Soldier Field, home of the NFL's Chicago Bears, was built in 1924. And then there's Wrigley Field. Back on April 23, 1914, it opened to the public as Weeghman Park. Two years later, in 1916, the Chicago Cubs played their first game there. That was 100 years ago. They've played there ever since. That's 100 years of baseball and hot dogs and sunny days. 100 years of playing in one of the most iconic sports stadiums in America, maybe even the world.

And, as Cubs fans know all too well, that's also 100 years of losing.

The Lovable Losers

The Cubs became famous for not being able to win when it mattered most. (Getty Embed)

That's because no team in Major League Baseball has waited longer to win a World Series title than the Chicago Cubs. The last title that they won was in 1908. Yep. That was 108 years ago. Wrigley Field wasn't even built yet. Over the years, the Cubs have come close here and there. Since 1908, they've played in the World Series seven times only to find a way to lose every time. And even their last World Series appearance was in 1945. 71 years ago.

The 1945 Chicago Cubs started off the World Series very well. Pitcher Hank Borowy helped them beat the Detroit Tigers 9–0 that day. But they eventually lost the series to the Tigers. (Getty Embed)

Losing was such a part of Chicago Cubs folklore that the team became known as The Lovable Losers. So no one could ever accuse a Cubs fan of being a bandwagoner just in it for the winning! Except, perhaps, in 2016.

The best team in baseball... for real!

Woohoo! The Cubs celebrate beating the Los Angeles Dodgers to advance to this year's World Series. (Getty Embed)

This year the Chicago Cubs were far and away the best team in baseball. They were the only team to collect over 100 wins (going 103 wins and only 58 losses). They have some of the game's very best pitchers and a lineup that is terrific from top to bottom.

Currently they're two games into the World Series, tied a one win a piece with the Cleveland Indians. The first two games were played in Cleveland, who play at Progressive Field, which opened in 1994. (And Cleveland hasn't exactly been a baseball powerhouse either. Their last World Series win? 1948.)

But tonight is the moment that people have been waiting for. World Series baseball is finally back at Wrigley Field. If you tune in, you'll understand pretty quickly what makes this park special.

The outfield walls are covered in lush, green ivy.

The numbers on the out-of-town scoreboard are still changed by hand.

The lit marquee outside the park is a Chicago landmark.

But above all, the team has great fans.

These are people who have stuck by the team they love, even when it looked like they'd never win anything ever. And now, finally, their beloved Cubbies are getting another chance at glory, their first in 71 years. Win or lose tonight, we doubt that there will be a dry eye in the house. Should be an amazing event!

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