Airport music video is the internet at its best

Law student Katie Gould uses Twitter to fight flight delay boredom and make our dreams come true
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The moments leading up to an airplane trip are super exciting. You're thinking about the place you're about to visit, all the new experiences you're going to have ... Just get us to the airport already! Woohoo!

Then you actually get to the airport and you're greeted by this.


Noooo! We were so close to leaving, too. Now what are we going to do?

Well, you could always shoot a music video

You heard us right. You could shoot an airport music video!

That's what Katie Gould, a law student from Atlanta, did a couple days ago. When faced with a four-hour delay, she did not sulk and she did not pout. She just got her camera and her dancing shoes out. And now her hip-shaking, robot-grooving, cat-hugging shimmies are all over the internet!

Ms. Katie Gould 1, airport delays 0!

You can watch her dance to the classic hit song "You Make My Dreams Come True" below.

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