It’s time to Ask An Editor!

We're starting a brand new video series where the Owlkids magazine team answers reader questions!

Hi there everyone!

How is your April going? It's a bit unusual, you say? Yes, we hear you!

We're in the same boat, too—social distancing, learning how to make magazines and run websites from home—we know how it is. So far, it's actually going pretty well. But we miss each other, and we miss all of you, too!

Then we thought, We have all this technology ...  we can use it to say 'Hi!' to all those awesome OWL readers out there!

And that's exactly what we're going to do, with Ask An Editor!

Ask away!

We've always received lots of letters and questions from you, and we'll continue to answer them in the pages of OWL magazine. But now we're answering even more questions in a new video series.

The first episode of Ask An Editor has OWL editor Melissa answering your questions about crafts, her career in magazines, and how we're all still able to make a magazine while social distancing.

And if you have a question for us, now is the time to send it! Write to us at, and we may answer it in a future video.

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  1. Hi owl, my name is Hazel I love reading you magazines. Aspshaly the actives. I have 2 dogs ! Do you like dogs? I also have three Cats. I live on a vegetable farm, I am 10 and3/4 years old. My birthday is August 17.
    Thank you for the magazine.

  2. Hi Owl,
    My name is Lucy and my mom is a doctor.
    She is so busy and hardly ever gets to spend time with us.
    When she is here she is usually on her phone or in a meeting.
    I was wondering how I could ask her to spend more time with us .
    I love your magazines!
    Thank you and I hope you are staying healthy and happy!

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