Ask An Editor: Cotton candy cloud edition!

Join OWL editor Melissa as she answers reader questions about quarantine, clouds, sports, and more

How are you doing out there, OWLconnected readers? It's been an odd past couple months for sure. But you know what's helped to make it better? You!

Every comment you post here, every letter or email you send to OWL magazine is a reminder of how our community keeps on keeping on. We write and think and create and research for all of you. Having you say 'Hello' means the world to us. And thanks to technology, sometimes we even get to say 'Hello' back!

Do you know what time it is? It's time for...

Another episode of Ask An Editor!

In the newestย Ask an Editor, OWL editor Melissa answers questions about the best and worst of quarantine, sports that she likes, and, most importantly ... what if clouds were made of cotton candy??

Take it away, Melissa!

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  1. Melissa: …I’ll stick to that one!
    Another OWL reader: What if cotton candy was made of cement?

  2. If clouds were cotton candy, then rain would just be bits of cotton candy falling from the sky so that would be awesome.

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