Baby huntsman spiders invade Australian home

Cute? Or creepy? What's your verdict?
huntsman spiders Baby spiders prefer cooler, moist environments, like the inside of homes. (Twitter/Peta Rogers/@PrinPeta)

When female spiders produce offspring, they don't mess around. Some animals lay eggs. They lay an egg sac.

This sac can hold hundreds, even thousands of individual eggs—each one a potential baby spider. And when those little fellas hatch all at once, well, it can be quite the scene!

That's what a family in Sydney, Australia discovered recently when a daughter alerted her mother to spiders in her room. Turned out, it was hundreds of baby huntsman spiders—one of the largest spider species in the world! Though the family wished to keep their identity private, they allowed photos and video of the encounter to be shared by a friend in southern island city of Hobart named Peta Rogers.

And here it is!

They love the great indoors

All in all, we think that this Sydney mom handled the situation really well. We can't guarantee that if we found hundreds of baby huntsman spiders by a window in our home that we would call them 'cute'!

But she is right to treat these animals with compassion, not fear. For one, these spiders are only looking for a safe place to grow up. And much like caves in the wild, a human home is an ideal place for these critters. It's cool and moist, which is what thin-skinned baby spiders need. If the air is too hot and dry, they can die from dehydration.

And two? These spiders are far more likely to attack each other than attack people. In fact, baby spiders quickly eat each other until only a few of the strongest spiders remain to become adults. So, we'll just leave you to your business, spiders!

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  1. Not. Cute. At. All!!! These spiders sent CHILLS up my spine, and not in a good way. They are so creepy and large. If I was that girl in Sydney, I think my mum would probably make us move houses, and I wouldn’t have a problem with it!

    1. I don’t mind big spiders but it’s the tiny crawly ones that send shivers up my spine 🤮😬🕸🕷#not a fan

  2. personally i love spiders (except big jumbo spider at the front of my house at least one inch long i live i canada FYI) but those guys are creepy.( a little)

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