Dog versus … raptor? It’s a robot toy showdown!

Mattel's Alpha Training Blue and Sony's Aibo are examples of some of the newest robots on the market
robot toy Are you ready to try your hand at training Blue? (Universal Pictures)

We love a good robot toy. After all, if robots are going to take over the world, we may as well be able to have some fun with them, too!

That's why we're excited to share news of a pair of toys with you that are truly above and beyond. It just so happens that the toys are reviewed by Bridget Carey, who is a funny, smart (and lucky) editor at CNet (a great website for tech news!) Are you ready to get a peek at this stuff? Of course you are!

Prehistoric pet

If you were one of the people who watched the Jurassic World movies and thought, "I could train a raptor better than Chris Pratt!", then here's your chance to prove it. Meet Mattel's Alpha Training Blue, a robot toy that combines remote control, intelligent sensors, and learning capabilities that allow you to train your own dinosaur. Without all of the dangers of, say, being gulped down if you mess up a command. (Down, Blue down ... argggghhh!)

Ruff ... loading, loading ... ruff!

Just kidding. This robot toy dog seems anything but slow running. Instead, Sony's Aibo is a super-responsive, hyper-detail "pet" that seems straight out of the future. Is it worth nearly $3,000? Well, we can't lie—that's a lot of money. But then again, Aibo is some kind of toy.

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