Watch these dogs enjoy magic tricks

Let's leave 2018 with a happy feeling in our hearts as these canines try to find the disappearing treat!
magic tricks dogs Peek-a-pup! (© Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz -

Hey there, it's New Year's Eve! How have your holidays been? Are you excited to welcome 2019?

In spirit of getting you all into a celebratory mood, we thought that we'd put all of the science and news and brainy stuff aside for a day and leave you with something that's sure to give you the warm and fuzzies.

Dogs enjoying magic tricks.

You see, earlier this month a video was made at the animal shelter in Hempstead, New York of dogs up for adoption being given their own private trip into the world of illusion: the incredible disappearing treat!

Where did the treat go, boy? Where did it go?

Withholding treats? Over the holidays? Sounds monstrous, you say?

Never fear. As you'll see below, the dogs were eventually given treats (plus belly rubs and hugs). And above all, the video was made to showcase the many loving pups up for adoption at the shelter, which is always a great message to share.

So sit back and enjoy the magic of these lovable rascals. Have a Happy New Year ... we'll see you in 2019!

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