General KnOWLedge: Can species come back from extinction?

It's time to answer whether a Jurassic World could ever become our world

Nothing lasts forever.

This may sound like a simple bit of truth used to coax you out of the pool at the end of a summer day. But it has a deeper meaning as well. After all, extinction is a sad fact of life on Earth — despite efforts to conserve and protect animals and plantsmany species are endangered.

And then there are those species that are truly extinct. From dinosaurs to mammoths, books and movies have made these animals almost as real as horses and puppies. But as surely as they once did live on Earth, they are gone now.

Is forever, like, FOREVER?

But just because nothing lasts forever... does that mean that things that leave must be gone forever, too? Is extinction truly permanent? Or does modern science have a magical trick up its sleeve to save a select few?

In today's OWLconnected General KnOWLedge, we examine the surprising facts behind the quest to bring extinct creatures back to life. Will you ride on the back of a Triceratops calf one day?

Let's find out...

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  1. Maybe in the future there might be something to bring an extinct animal back.
    If dinosaurs were to come back, what would we do? (hide!)
    I’m glad dinosaurs are extinct or else they would crush our whole school. 😎
    Dinosaurs are really interesting.
    Are the animals that are related to the dinosaurs going to become extinct too?
    How are dinosaurs extinct?
    I’m kind of glad that the dinosaurs are extinct, because if they were back, they would crush us or eat us.
    If they did come back, are some dinosaurs nice to people?
    How many different dinosaurs are there?
    If dinosaurs were “extincted”, how are we alive?

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