General KnOWLedge At Home: Do all animals have red blood?

If you're red-dy to find out, watch our video below!
general knowledge at home red blood

Red is the colour of many things. Roses. Stop signs. Brake lights. And those little cards that referees use in soccer matches to say you're out of the match.

And it is also the colour of blood.

That's not something we're always comfortable thinking about (especially if you have hemophobia—the fear of seeing blood). But it is something we accept as the truth.

Though should we...?

The true colours of blood

OWLconnected reader Aidan clearly had his doubts. He asked us: "Do all animals on Earth have red blood?" Good question, Aidan—we love a truth seeker!

So, what do you think the answer is? Click below to play the newest episode of General KnOWLedge At Home, and all will be revealed! The answer might surprise you...

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  1. I like Owl because it is fun! One of the things I find fun is the Trending, Crafts, and the Brainbusters. I also think that it is nice that there is artwork in it, and the prizes. I just wish that there was more stories.

    1. That is cool, I knew that some animals had red blood and others have blue but green and purple?!? That is real cool. Imagine having blue, purple, or green blood. Wow, crazy.

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