General KnOWLedge: What is life like on a submarine?

Weeks at a time in a metal tube underwater... could you handle it?

The submarine is one of the most fascinating vehicles humans have ever created. There's a reason that astronauts spend time on one to get prepared for life in outer space. Both spacecrafts and subs are probes into a foreign world where humans cannot normally survive. But even space shuttles have windows and astronauts can video chat family when they want!

Submarines on the other hand? Once they dive beneath the waves, they are truly on their own ...

Inside the secret world

In the final episode of season one of OWLconnected General KnOWLedge, we're breaking down what life in these sophisticated metal tubes is really like. Is it something that you could do one day?

Watch the video below and sea what you think!

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  1. The day my granddaughter received her last chickadee magazine her cousin was over playing and they spent the whole afternoon with the magazine. A great hands on fun magazine. I am certainly renewing Chickadee.

  2. Yes, I want to live under the water in the submarine because:

    Yazdon – I want to see under the sea.
    Youcef – I want to see the seals.
    Pramesh – I want to see the fish.
    Staff want to take a ride to see everything under the ocean.

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