The incredible wandering desk!

Thankfully, the Nomad Desk doesn't actually get up and walk away, but you can basically take it anywhere
A few of the heights of the adjustable Nomad Desk. (

Okay, we can definitely agree on one thing. The pandemic was not fun.

But now that we've arrived on the other side, we can probably also agree that living through it got humans thinking differently about a lot of things.

Some of this was just appreciating the simple pleasures of seeing friends and family in person, or being at an event with crowd. But something that has really changed is how people choose to work at their jobs.

Before the pandemic, many adults worked in offices. They would get up in the morning, drive to work, then turn around and drive home at the end of the day. This travel time, called a commute, added a lot of extra time to the day (not to mention using up a ton of energy and creating lots of traffic).

But the pandemic taught up that with an internet connection, many of us could do our jobs almost anywhere. At home. At a coffee shop or restaurant. Even in the great outdoors!

The only issue with being outdoors? Finding somewhere to put your computer. But the Nomad Desk is designed to make working outdoors and in unusual places the new normal.

Fold and go

This looks like a good spot! This desk sets up anywhere. (

The Nomad Desk is a lightweight and adjustable, but sturdy, laptop desk.

It can go from being a desk just over your legs as you sit under a tree, to one that you can sit at on a park bench, to even one that you can stand upright at. The legs can even be adjusted independently of one another, in case you find yourself on uneven ground (something that happens a lot outdoors).

When you're done working, it can be folded up to the size of a laptop and slipped into a backpack.

Maybe your first 'office' will be in a garden surrounded by flowers? Or in a park where you can use your break to shred on a skate ramp?

Imagine the possibilities!

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  1. 😀 Wow, I really need one of these inventions! I work from home and don’t have an office because my husband is using the spare bedroom as his office ever since his new job is a permanently remote one. I use the kitchen table but have to keep clearing it all the time. If all it can fit is my laptop maybe someone can design an accessory where I can hang my tea off the ledge, like those old car window drink holders I had as a kid for road trips!

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