May is Asian Heritage Month across Canada!

In the United States, it is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Both Canada and the United States use May to recognize the culture, contributions, and history of citizens of Asian descent. (ID 246258125 © Marek Uliasz |

May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada.

This is a time to celebrate the achievements, contributions, and culture of Canadians of Asian descent. It is also a time to draw awareness to the issue of anti-Asian racism and discrimination.

Meanwhile, in the United States, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This month focuses on Americans who trace ancestry back to countries in Asia, as well as in the Pacific island nations of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. These Pacific countries include Samoa, Tonga, Papua New Guinea, and Guam.

Asian Heritage Month was made official by the Canadian government in 2002. And it is a month that will include many different types of celebrations and ceremonies, reflecting the broad diversity of cultures across Asia.

The world's largest continent

This great diversity comes from the simple fact that Asia is an enormous continent that can hardly be summed up in a sentence. Never mind a month! Canadian culture owes so much of its richness to the contributions of Asian Canadians.

The contributions made by Canadians of Asian descent touches every single aspect of the country. Food? You'll forgive us for thinking with our tummies, but definitely that! But it goes way beyond the kitchen.

Industry and tech. Acting, music, and writing. Sports and education. To help illustrate the huge range of influence that we're talking about here are just a few of the articles done in the past on OWLconnected that highlight exceptional Canadians (and Americans) of Asian descent.

Whether this month brings you a sense of pride in your own heritage or gratitude for so much that makes our country great, welcome to Asian Heritage Month, Canada. And we'll be do more celebration as the month rolls on, so stay tuned!

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