Introducing our new video series: General KnOWLedge!

Each of these bi-weekly videos will examine a hot topic from the worlds of science and culture
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After a bunch of planning and tests and hard work (and maybe one or two bloopers...), OWLconnected has a special treat for you, our loyal readers. It's our new video series, General KnOWLedge!

Every second Tuesday, these videos will answer a burning question from the worlds of science, culture, and beyond. For the first episode, we visited a topic that we simply can't get enough of: space! In particular, we write a lot about the International Space Station (ISS) at OWLconnected. It's the sort of place where even the simplest parts of everyday life are a real challenge. That even goes for taking a snooze.

Which brings us to the question...

How do astronauts sleep in space?

Let's find out! General KnOWLedge set for launch in 3...2...1...

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  1. I think space was a great general knOWLedge video. There are always new facts about space I can’t wait for the next video!??‍???‍?

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