Watch a marching band do The Floss

Yes, we mean the dance, don't worry, this isn't about hygiene
floss So, uh, apparently everyone is doing this now... (© Blueringmedia -

The Floss. It's what you do when you've run out of dabs, but still want to impress your friends with your internet-informed groove savvy. Or maybe you've just been shoved on a dance floor and need to do something, so I guess it's going to be this?


Ahem, we meant this ...


Hey, whatever your reason for doing The Floss to the max—and whether you like the dance or not—we're pretty sure that we've got a version of it for you.

Band together!

During a recent college football match, the Ohio State Marching Band performed their own version of the dance meme, but they didn't do it individually. Instead, they did it as a full choreographed, stick figure formation. And while playing music.

Watch it below. Then celebrate by doing The Floss yourself. Have a great weekend!

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