OWLconnected Reporter Noah talks giant pandas at the zoo

Watch an interview with the Toronto Zoo's Curator of Mammals, Maria Franke
pandas The giant panda exhibit at the Toronto Zoo. (© Mira Agron | Dreamstime.com)

So we here at OWLconnected are feeling a little panda crazy. The recent release of Disneynature's Born In China has a lot to do with this. As we wrote earlier, we enjoyed the movie quite a lot! And, of course, mother-daughter panda duo, Ya Ya and Mei Mei, are two of the film's main stars.

Then there are the giant pandas currently at the Toronto Zoo. Da Mao and Er Shun have been in the city since March 2013. Then on October 13, 2015, Er Shun gave birth to twins, Jia Panpan and Jia Yueyue. Today, these animals are still the zoo's biggest attraction. And why not? So adorable!

Jia Yueyue takes a nap at the zoo. (Getty Embed)

Let's talk pandas!

To celebrate all of this panda-monium we sent OWLconnected reader and reporter, Noah, 11, on a mission. He went to speak to Maria Franke, who is the Curator of Mammals at the Toronto Zoo. Take a look!

Thanks, Maria! And thanks Noah. We're going to leave you with one more video, too. It's of the twins walking at 4 months old. Cuuuuute!

Born In China is in theatres now. The giant pandas are at the Toronto Zoo until Spring 2018, when they will be moved to the Calgary Zoo for a five-year stay.

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  1. The panda is like a bear. The pandas use their claws to climb the trees. The panda eats bamboo. They have two babes panda. The pandas are very cute.

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