The OWLconnected eMag is 100 … and YOU’RE in control!

Plus the OWLconnected staff looks back on our favourite moments in our digital magazine
eMag We're so excited about our 100th issue!

Back in April 2016, OWL magazine started a brand new website. This one!!

Shortly after this site was launched, we started something else—the OWLconnected eMag. Since August 2016, this digital magazine has been published once every two weeks and given out for free as a part of an OWL subscription.

In it, we've included interviews with scientists and sports stars, features on pop culture and animal conservation, and tons of comics, quizzes, and videos designed to make you laugh and think. There's also a section where readers share their thoughts on different topics—one of our favourite parts of the eMag.

It's been a wild, non-stop ride—and tomorrow, our 100th issue is being released. Wow! To celebrate, we decided to give control of it to the best readers in the world.


It's YOUR issue


For our 100th issue, we worked with you to make the issue a reader takeover! How?

We collected a bunch of kid questions about social justice and had them answered by experts! Reader Sadiya designed the entire quiz for this issue, too (and her quiz is WACKY!). And there are also all kinds of reviews, answers, and art from you throughout the issue.

It's jam-packed with young voices!

We pick our favourites

With all of you taking care of the issue for us (thank you very much!), we had the chance to reflect on the eMag so far. 100 issues? That's incredible!

So, we thought it was the perfect moment to look back on what we all loved the most. We all shot videos of ourselves talking about our favourites moments and, well, here they are!

Don't forget to check it out

If you're already a subscriber of OWL magazine and read the eMag, thank you. We hope you love our 100th issue.

If are a subscriber but haven't ever downloaded the eMag, now is a great time to start. Click here to learn everything that you need to know. And if you'd like to check out both OWL magazine's print edition and the eMag, there's never been a better time to subscribe.

As always, thank you for reading!

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