OWLconnected’s Top 3 stories of 2020

Join Editor Melissa and Senior Writer John as they each count down their favourite articles of the year

2020 has been a real doozy, right? But instead of remembering all the challenges the last twelve months gave us, we're going to focus on ...

All of the amazing stories we wrote!

Haha! There were so many cool things that happened in 2020, and we were really lucky to be able to bring them to you. Achievements in science, activism, art, sports, conservation, and even food kept us all inspired and positive during the year. We needed them more than ever, too!

The glee of three!

Picking the very best of the best of the events and people we wrote about this year was a tough task. But OWL Editor Melissa and Senior Writer John were both up to the task. So before their much needed break over the holidays, they came together (over Zoom, of course!) and delivered their Top 3 OWLconnected stories for 2020.

Watch them talk about them in the video right now. And then tell us what your favourite stories of the year were in the comments below. Have a great holiday, everyone, and as always, thanks for reading and for being part of the OWLconnected team!

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  1. I love the Soccer Article, too! It was so awesome and intriguing to read. I also loved the World Animal Protection Article, because animals offer a lot of comfort which is needed during this difficult time. Also, those cakes are so realistic, it blew my mind!

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