Study shows that pets help mental health during lockdown

So let's celebrate this fact with videos of pets being awesome!
pets help Whatever the species or breed, pets can really help our state of mind! (Photo 134743591 © -

A recent study from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom has confirmed what many pet owners probably already feel. Pets help the mental health of people—and this has been especially true during the COVID lockdown.

The study surveyed almost 6,000 people across the UK between mid-April and May. Most of these people had one pet, some had several, and some had no pets at all. And while all people reported struggling with feelings of isolation, most of those with pets said their animal companions improved their mood and the mood of their family. They were less lonely and better able to deal with not seeing other friends, schoolmates, or co-workers.

This is because all pets—from the common cats and dogs, to birds, guinea pigs, and even reptiles and fish—encourage social interactions. We feed, care for, and talk to them—even if they can't talk back!

Pet power!

It's a testimony to the positive power that pets can have over our lives. And proof that they really do become a part of the family.

To celebrate this, let's all watch some silly pet videos!

Here are a bunch of adorable dogs doing dog stuff (a bunny even makes an appearance midway through!).

And cats wouldn't be cats if they weren't getting into places they maybe shouldn't! See for yourself...

Do you have a pet who has helped you during this past year? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. I like to watch my hamster Homer run on the wheel. I like to pet my black cat Jasper. I like to play catch with my dog Lucy. I like to cuddle with my cat Shackie and love to watch my daschund Katie run in the leaves. I like to take my cat Midnight on our boat at the cottage.

  2. I have a puppy named Sprout .She has been so heart warming during the pandemic ,and when my best friend was very sick. I love her so much

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