Plump squirrel + eggroll = love at first bite

We couldn't help but share this video of a rodent and its 'prey'
squirrel "I'm sorry...eggrolls? There are EGGROLLS? Where?! Where?!" (© Bhalchandra Pujari -

So we're five days into 2019. For many of you, school is just around the corner (sorry, did we say that out loud?). Is it time to finally shift out of that mode of watching movies with friends and snacking until all hours?

Sadly, yes. It may be.

But that doesn't mean that we can't all celebrate the good times that we had over these holidays.

... by watching a squirrel eating an egg roll.

Let's never be apart!

A Twitter user @whatisNY caught a very plump squirrel from New York City eating the ultimate snackable, posted a video, and, well, the rest is hashtag history (#EggRollSquirrel). And we can see why.

There's something transfixing about this rotund rodent clutching a deep-fried treat half its size like it's a floatation device. Is it lunch? Is it a best friend? IS IT BOTH?

Watch the viral sensation and decide for yourself!

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  1. This might be a good opportunity to teach kids not to feed wildlife or leave food where animals can access it. People food is not good for animals (An egg roll is not even good for people. And that is one fat squirrel?). Also, feeding wildlife also turns them into pests and makes them dependent on humans/urban areas for survival.

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