If it quacks like a duck… then it’s a kitten?

Video proves that you can't judge an animal by its quacker!
kitten duck quack "Say, Fluffy. Mind if I take some voice lessons from you?" (© Tatjana Dimitrievska - Dreamstime.com)

It's been a pretty intense week, right?

For many of you, school started again. That's big! Hurricane Dorian has captured the world's attention and sent many rushing to offer aid. Inspirational climate activist Greta Thunberg is making headlines in New York. And speaking of New York, Canadian tennis supernova Bianca Andreescu is there now, playing for the women's title at the U.S. Open against all-time legend Serena Williams at 4pm this afternoon. (We'll be writing about her on Monday!)

Sometimes to find your bearings, you need to take a moment and watch a short video. How about one of a kitten that quacks like a duck?

Cats of a feather

Or is that meows like a duck? Either way, click below to watch Melvin, an adorable kitten at the Palm Valley Animal Center in Edinburg, Texas. Will this cutie stray quack as an adult? Or is this just a phase that it's going to grow out of?

Well, we're just glad that it's been preserved on video for all of us to enjoy. And don't forget to visit and support your local animal shelter — they do good work!

Okay, take it away, Melvin!

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  1. Wait, I just figured something out…maybe that was just how Melvin’s voice sounded like. That, or maybe he was trying to get out, so he was pretending he was a duck to make someone let him out.

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