This slow-mo video is for the birds!

Actually, it's really for us ... to watch!
slow mo A golden eagle is one of the birds featured in this awesome video. (You'll want to keep an eye on it!) (© Sergio Fernandez Rojo -

There is something about a slow-motion video that makes almost anything fascinating. (Same with a sped-up time lapse video, for that matter.) Why is slow mo the most?

In a nutshell, it's fascinating to see the little parts of movements that usually happen too fast for us to catch. Especially when those things appear, to us, to happen very smoothly or directly. Take the movement of birds, for example.

Flap, flap. Hop, peck. Turn, twist. Simple stuff, yeah?

In truth, the movements of birds are full of split-second mini symphonies of motion that are impossible for the human eye to track in real time. That's why we're grateful for the kings of YouTube slow-motion video—the Slow Mo Guys!

Wonderful wings

This duo recently released a new slo-mo bird video and we can't stop watching. From hummingbirds to golden eagles, pinpoint landings to nectar drinking, it is incredible to get to see all of the subtle motions that happen every second in these animals. Even the flick of an eyelid is something to behold.

Watch for yourself in the video below. We guarantee that you'll never look at birds the same way again!

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