Toronto family goes ‘Intergalatic’ for the holidays!

Angela Young and her two kids bring 'Celestial Greetings' with a video tribute to the Beastie Boys' 1999 hit
intergalactic family This looks like it was so fun to make! (Screenshot courtesy of Angela Young/YouTube)

Lots of families take photos to be used as greeting cards or calendars that can be sent out to loved ones during the holidays. It's a way of saying, "Hi from all of us! Look how much we've grown!" Some even go the extra mile and come up with silly or creative themes for these photos.

Torontonian Angela Young is one of those people.

This year, she decided to do a photo of herself and her two kids dressed up as the legendary New York hip hop trio Beastie Boys, as they appeared in the video for their 1999 hit, "Intergalactic".


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Cute, right? But then she thought, What if we just recreated the video, too!

Another dimension!

Which is exactly what she did! Wandering around location in Toronto such as Union Station and its underground PATH walkway system, the lively trio mimicked the video awesomely. So. fun.

Which got us wondering... What video would you like to recreate to spread your own holiday cheer? Let us know! And to get your creative juices following, don't forget to watch the Young family in action below.

Happy holidays, everyone... from another dimension!

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