Become transfixed by Transfiguration!

Versions of this CGI animation video have been making the rounds lately, so we tracked down the wonderful original
transfiguration What IS this fluffy fellow? We wanted to know, too! (Universal Everything)

Videos and memes. There sure are a lot of them out there!

And sometimes, one can cross your path and seem to spread like wildfire based on it being shared by a few of your friends. (We're pretty sure that this is even more the case when so many of us are online learning these days!)

In our case, one such video was this very peculiar, very eye-catching clip of a swiftly moving figure that was constantly changing before our eyes. One moment, it was hairy. Then grassy. Then fiery! Then melting. Then metal. Then just... particles! And as the materials changed, so did the sounds that the figure's walking made. Maybe you saw it, too! It was amazing!

What was it?, we thought to ourselves. We knew we wanted to share it with you all, kind of like this awesome animation by Toronto Instagram artist, Voidz. But before we did that, we had to know ... Where did it come from? Who originally made it? The search was on!

Finding Transfiguration

"Can't talk now, I'm a walking cloud!" (Universal Everything)

After a bunch of internet sleuthing, we found out! The piece was called Transfiguration, and it actually came out in 2011! It was made by a British art studio called Universal Everything. In 2020, they released a new version of Transfiguration, complete with updated visuals and a brand new soundtrack of weirdly realistic sounds.

And when we finally found the real version, we were even more blown away. Not only was the walking slower and more hypnotic—and the quality much clearer—but there were a bunch of different stages that we hadn't seen before.

The lesson? When you see something cool online and you want to share it, maybe do some extra digging to see if you can find the original source. Chances are, it will be an even better version, and you'll learn some cool stuff along the way!

So without further adieu, here is Transfiguration (2020): An ever-evolving walking figure. Enjoy the walk!

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