Watch UpTown Spot bring the robot funk

In a world of dancing robots, this viral video of Boston Dynamics' SpotMini is as groovy as they come
bruno mars uptown spot "Mr. Mars, you wouldn't happen to be looking for any robot dancers, would you?" (© Usa Pyon -

Here at OWLconnected, we've posted our share of videos about robots. And videos of dancing. And videos of robots dancing.

But even we haven't seen a robot dance like this. If you're also a regular reader of the OWLconnected eMag (free with a subscription to OWL magazine, we highly recommend it!), then you'll be familiar with Boston Dynamics. This robotics company is a real pioneer in the field. They've created everything from pint-sized hopping spybots to huge pony-sized all-terrain robots.

But maybe the most impressive of their creations is SpotMini, a dog-mimic bot that can run, fetch, and move just like your average Labrador. Except that we're fairly certain that a pooch can't dance like this...

UpTown Spot is a funky pup

A recent post to YouTube by Boston Dynamics shows SpotMini performing a flawless minute-long routine to the Bruno Mars hit, "Uptown Funk". Warning, some funky maneuvering may be involved.

Have a groovy weekend, everyone!

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  1. that was awesome. The dancing robot dog is amazing. the robot is dancing . I like the show robot dog. I want to be a rrobrt for Halloween.

  2. 😯 😮 😯 😮 😯 😮 😯 😮 😮 😯 😮 ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

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