Watch autumn colours come to life!

This recently posted drone video of a valley in Utah is a reminder of the unique beauty of the season
candy floss fall It's a candy floss fall, everybody! (Screenshot courtesy of YouTube/Justin McFarland)

Stuck between the beaches and swimming pools of summer and the holidays and snowmen of winter, autumn's charms can sometimes get a little lost in the shuffle. Then, right on cue, we get a video like this that reminds us why there's nothing quite like the sight of fall in its full glory.

Thanks to aerial drone photographer Justin McFarland, we get a bird's eye view of a Utah forest just as it begins its transformation from lush summer greenery to the hushed, branchless barren of winter. A few of the colours that pop up here frankly feel almost unnatural, too. Those trees look good enough to eat!

Awesome autumn!

Enjoy the visual treat for yourself right here...

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  1. The leaves are violet. tree needles green. in the leaves are change. tre is orange. The trees are pretty.

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