Watch them now! These dancing robots work the floor

Robotics company Boston Dynamics released a video of four of their bots shaking it to the 1962 classic "Do You Love Me?"
dancing robots Think you could beat this robot in a dancing contest? You might want to watch this video before you answer! (Boston Dynamics)

Welcome to the weekend! We have something that will help you get into a groove for the next couple days.

Dancing robots!

The robots come from leading tech company Boston Dynamics. We've talked about them before, and they are most famous for Spot, their robot dog. In fact, Spot danced solo to "Uptown Funk" and we shared that with you. But now? The robot gang is really all here!

Do You Love Them?

In this video, two of the company's humanoid Atlas bots dance, along with a Spot bot, and the new big-bird-on-wheels robot named Handle. Together, they tackle The Contours' famous hit from 1962, "Do You Love Me?" And you know what? They do a pretty incredible job of shaking it to the beat!

Watch these dancing robots below. Then learn the moves and dance along!

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