Watch: Doorbell camera captures three adorable owls

It looks like they’re having a hoot!
owls "Staring? What do you mean, staring? We're not staring. You're staring!" (ID 30383637 © Steve Byland |

Who says you need a fancy camera and a trip to the woods to get awesome wildlife footage? Sometimes, all you need is a doorbell camera, some luck, and a big juicy bug.

This clip taken by a home security camera shows three curious burrowing owls stopping by a front porch late at night. Not to deliver a package, but they are definitely delivering some serious cuteness here.

Hooo’s at the door?

The footage shows two owls fighting over a bug, seeming to argue over who gets the tasty snack (it was a total free for owl! Get it?). The birds then appear to notice the camera and have a very adorable reaction as they stare through the lens with their huge, round eyes.

Like many other kinds of owls, burrowing owls do most of their hunting at night and their large eyes are perfectly attuned to seeing prey in the dark.

There is also a third owl just winging it in the background. But that one doesn't seem to care too much about the bug or the camera. While most owls tend to be solitary animals, burrowing owls are actually quite social creatures and are often found to be living or traveling with larger groups.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE owls, I have owl decor all over the inside of my home,” said camera owner Lyndsay in the video's YouTube description, “These owls had so much personality! They were so wide-eyed peeking at the camera!”

This cute video also serves as a reminder that we share our neighbourhoods with plenty of wild creatures. Always be mindful of hooo might be just outside your door!

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