Watch robot dogs hauling a truck husky style

Once again, robotics company Boston Dynamics proves that there is nothing bots can't do!
robot dogs Boston Dynamics is a leading company in advanced—and boundary pushing—robotics. (© Dennizn -

The abilities of robots are increasing all of the time. Each time we think that we've seen it all, along comes something else you'd never expect.

We have bots that can skate. Bots that weed our fields. Even ones that are made to cook our meals.

One robotics company that is always pushing these futuristic buttons is Boston Dynamics. We've written about them a few times in the past, especially about SpotMinis, their incredible robot dogs! (For a look at one dancing to "Uptown Funk", check this out.)


Now the company is raising a brand new racket with a video of 10 robot dogs pulling a huge truck, as though they were a group of huskies. Its mesmerizing, strange, and maybe just a little... not practical? (Are we ever going to need a team of robot dogs to pull a truck?)

But in the world of robots, we already have plenty of examples of them doing important, useful things. Sometimes, you just want to know that bots can play in a soccer tournament, too!

In that spirit, we give you this video. Keep on trucking, SpotMinis!

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