Watch this wild bear burst into a cottage!

'Anybody home?' this wild guest seems to ask before entering Lake Tahoe cabin
wild bear "Oh, man. I forgot my keys AGAIN. Guess I have to bash the door down ..." (Photo 20250075 © -

We're all told to lock our doors. Better safe than sorry, right?

But every once in a while, it sort of doesn't make a difference. Case in point? This in-home security camera footage of a brown bear bursting into a cottage in Lake Tahoe, California.

Big bad bear bashes in!

The door is smashed open with a mighty wallop, though after coming inside the big beast is quite gentle. In fact, the bear stayed seated by the door until authorities arrived to safely relocate it.

Thankfully no one was home. Can you imagine trying to deal with this sort of house guest? Watch the video below!

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