Ask an Editor: Would You Rather? edition!

Join Chickadee editor Mandy this holiday as she answers reader questions about mascots, Hogwarts, and what animal she'd like to be
would you rather

Today is Victoria Day. Happy Victoria Day, everyone!

Hopefully you're finding a way to do something fun, maybe even something outdoorsy, like a hike or a game of catch with your family in the backyard. Perhaps you might even be able to work in the garden and plant some flowers? It is spring, after all!

And to help further lighten your mood, we're calling in some reinforcements: Chickadee magazine editor Mandy.

Would you rather...

In this episode of Ask an Editor, Mandy is tackling Would You Rather? questions. Which are a perfect thing to mull over when you're at home with some time on your hands!

Watch her answer questions ranging from Harry Potter, to ants vs. elephants, to which of Chickadee's many characters she most identifies with. And if you like, you can even let us know how you would have answered these questions in the comments below!

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  1. I love
    Harry Potter plus in class we are listening to the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Harry Potter is my favorite movie and book i’m already on the year 7 movie!!

  2. I suggest to be an ant, but elephants are cool too. I just recently watched “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”, and it’s sooooo funny! It’s a movie that you can get on amazon prime, and it is good for a family tv night, or just by yourself.

  3. I love Harry Potter I think he lived a hard life with the big dum fat Dursleys and no one understands him, or the burden he has to carry.keeping every one saves and sacrificing himself to save the whole wizarding world.also did anyone notices that he’s the only one in Hogwarts that has glasses and also J.K Rowling referenced the number 7 a lot in the books/series so pay attention. I’m on the 5 books far and I am gonna watch the movies after the books cuz they messed a lot of things up(no hate)you will be loved and never forgotten!

  4. Would you rather be Chick or Dee? – I would rather be Dee because I eat a lot (maybe too much) food at dinner and I totally LOVE sandwiches.
    Would you rather get an invitation to Hogwarts or learn that you are a Muggle? – Oh my gosh, I hate being a Muggle! It’s so obvious that I want to be a wizard or witch and be educated at Hogwarts! I also LOVE Harry Potter, I’m a Slytherin (even though I’m not “evil”, and I’ve read the series twice (except for the first book, which I’ve read only once because my mother took it from me to read it herself).
    (*Note to Mandy* I really want to be in Ravenclaw, but, okay, I’m not smart…and I really like Cho Chang, I just wish she was mentioned more in the series and movies!)
    Would you rather be Robin or Bruno? – I would rather be Robin because Bruno’s a “monster” and monsters aren’t really my thing. I also think Robin’s cute and kind, also a very good sister and I would want to be Robin.
    Would you rather be as small as an ant or as big as an elephant? – Same as Mandy, because I do NOT want to be stepped on.

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