INTERVIEW: Meet OWL’s Canada Cover Contest Winner

Abigail on Canada, OWL, and winning the Cover Contest
Abigail June 2017 Cover winner[1] Have you seen the June cover yet? Here it is with the artist, OWL reader Abigail.

Earlier this year, OWL Magazine had an idea. We knew we wanted to do something special for Canada's 150th birthday. What would be a cool way to involve our readers in the celebration?

Then it hit us: we'd hold the Canada Cover Contest, and print the winner's artwork right smack on the very front of the June issue. Canadian artwork from a Canadian reader on the front of a Canadian magazine, in an issue all about Canada? Doesn't get more Canadian than that.

And the winner is...

We received a ton of amazing entries (more than 400!), but we knew we had to choose only one for the cover. Check out the video below for an interview with the super-talented Abigail, the reader whose artwork is now sitting proudly on newsstands across the country.

What do YOU think is the coolest thing about Canada? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I think that the coolest thing about Canada is that so many people from different cultures live here and that we get the chance to learn about them.

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