Issue 145 is all about National Indigenous History Month

Meet six exceptional Indigenous personalities in this issue of celebration

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Our newest issue—Issue 145—is out today. And in it, we're shining a spotlight on National Indigenous History Month, which is recognized in Canada during the month of June.

This month is all about reflecting upon and learning about the diverse cultures, contributions, and struggles of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Peoples across this land. And with Indigenous Peoples Day coming on June 21, we've chosen to help celebrate by focusing on six remarkable people whose achievements have really stood out.

Making history, then and now!

Issue 145 will introduce you to the stories of writers and singers, painters and politicians, scientists and scholars, and actors and artists! Some of them may be people you already know, others may surprise you—but all of them have something vital to add to both Indigenous cultures and the fabric of this land now known as Canada.

We're also serving up a quiz on the story and culture behind Haida Gwaii, an island full of rich wildlife, lush ecology, and deep Indigenous heritage.

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