June recognizes both Pride and Indigenous History

As National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month in Canada, June kicks off celebrations and observances of Indigenous Peoples and LGBTQ2S+ communities
An official banner celebrating National Indigenous History Month. (Canada.ca)

June is always an exciting month. Summer arrives. School ends. Free time with friends and family abounds. Nature is full of colour, warmth, and energy.

Wondrous things are literally everywhere you turn. No matter how many times we experience summer, there's always something to celebrate.

And maybe that's why June is such a great choice for two very important recognitions in Canada.

National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month.

National Indigenous History Month recognize the history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis). And Pride Month celelbrates LGBTQ2S+ communities all across Canada. There will be celebrations, parades, and festivals, as well as moments to learn, educate, and connect.

For some, it is a chance to express who you are. For others, it is a chance to learn. And for many, it is both!

Diversity is strength

An aerial shot of the 2017 Pride parade in downtown Toronto. With pandemic restrictions easing across Canada, many Pride parades with be happening again coast to coast between June and August. (ID 178635016 © Ritaanisimova | Dreamstime.com)

One of the most important aspects of these two months of recognition is that they both focus on diversity.

'Indigenous Peoples' is a term that actually describes hundreds of different nations and communities—each with its own culture, traditions, language, and perspectives. There is no one way to be Indigenous.

Similarly, there is no one way to belong to an LGBTQ2S+ community. In fact, the more that we learn about ourselves as humans and the different ways we can express our identities, the more a term like 'LGBTQ2S+' is always changing and expanding.

By highlighting the diversity of communities across Canada—and encouraging the exchange of stories and histories—we can understand each other so much better.

Celebrate by reading

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June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day. Many cities and towns across the country will be featuring gatherings full of food, dance, ceremony, and learning that are open to all. (Getty Embed)

To kick off this month of celebration, here are some articles that you can read to dig deeper. We look forward to highlighting more voices and stories as the month moves along.

Click the links below to keep on reading!

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