REVIEW: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

This reinvention of the TMNT franchise is funny, super cool, and full of heart. Plus it looks amazing!
Hang on tight! The turtles are back! (Paramount)

The Turtles are back!

And they look ... different.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, out in theatres today, is a reboot of the fan-favourite franchise. (A reboot is when filmmakers choose to start telling a story over again from the beginning, instead of picking up where a previous movie ended.)

To match this fresh start, the animation in this movie is, well, anything but fresh. It is grimy and messy ... and really, really great! It is a perfect match for a group of characters who literally live in a sewer, under the streets of New York City.

Where do we fit?

Donny, Raph, Mikey, and Leo have to spend most of their time hiding in the shadows. But they just want to be normal kids. (Paramount)

And this new style also fits with who these turtles are.

In Mutant Mayhem, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Donatello are feeling trapped. They love their adopted father, the wise rat, Splinter. But they find him overprotective and too fearful of humans and the above world. They want to explore and meet other kids their own age.

And above all, they want to go to school.

But then, a series of events reminds them of what their father has told them all their lives. Humans will be afraid of them because they aren't 'normal'. Maybe the turtles will need to stay in hiding after all?

A new friend

April O'Neil becomes the turtles' first human friend. (Paramount)

Then, the gang meet a smart, awkward teen named April O'Neil. At first, April is freaked out by these ninja reptiles. But after they work together to save her from a street gang, she realizes that they all have stuff in common.

Plus, they're a super cool story and she is trying to become a news reporter. Together, the group hatches a plan.

The turtles will take down the gangs that are bringing fear to the streets. And April will report on their fantastic efforts. The turtles will become heroes and win over the people of New York, while April becomes an award-winning news reporter. It's perfect!

Mutants, mutants everywhere

Surprise! There are other mutants hiding in New York. Lots of them! (Paramount)

But just as the turtles are about to stop the biggest crime gang in the city, they discover that the gang's leader, Superfly, is a mutant. Just like them!

And Superfly is not alone. In fact, his whole gang is full of mutants, who all love and support each other. Do the turtles work with April to stop the criminals who are terrorizing the city? Or do they join them, finally being accepted as the mutants that they are?

Silly and full of love

Mutant Mayhem is a lot of fun to watch. It is full of hilarious jokes, including some ridiculous gross-out humour.

But it is also a really tender story about how important family and friends are. As well as forgiveness and second chances.

For its mix of amazing animation, action, laughs, and heartwarming characters, we think this reboot is the best TMNT film ever.

Watch the trailer below!

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