It’s the 2018 National Science Reading Day Winners!

Another National Science Reading Day Contest, sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, has completed. Want to know the winners? We've got them!
national science reading day

We here at OWLconnected love to read. We love science, too.

And we love people who love to read about science. That's why we want to send a huge thank you to all the teachers and students who dug in with their favourite books for the 2018 National Science Reading Day Contest. Once again, we've selected four classrooms and five students as winners in this year's edition.

Who are they? Read on below!

Classroom winners

Ms. Hodge's Grade 1 & 2 class at St. John's Elementary in Smiths Falls, Ontario

national science reading day

Ms. Teitge's Grade 2 class at Altadore School in Calgary, Alberta

national science reading day

Ms. Kim's Grade 4 class at Michael Cranny Elementary in Maple, Ontario

Ms. Poirier's Grade 5 class at Seaside Park Elementary in Saint John, New Brunswick

Student winners

Gordon Hudel-Clare
DoraLee Kyle-Fowler
Cassiano Sakamoto
Mariam Sarikaya
Sarah Seniuk

Congratulations to everyone who won, and thumbs up to all who participated in National Science Reading Day. Read on!

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