Apple brings the love for World Emoji Day

The computer giant unveils 70 new emojis that will be available as a free download later this year
World Emoji Day Apple_Emoji_update_2018_1_07162018 It's World Emoji Day? Let's party! Really, don't be bashful. You wouldn't want to be left out in the cold. We promise, you'll LOVE it! (Apple)

Do you ? emojis?

Would you ? if you couldn't use them anymore?

Do you often ? for one to suit a perfect moment, only to find that it doesn't exist? ?

Well, ? has got you covered! To celebrate World Emoji Day (that's today!), they've unveiled 70 new emojis! See?

world emoji day

The new pack of emojis will have even more skin tones, hair colours, and styles to choose from. That's a great idea! (Apple)

Available later this year

If what you're seeing has got you ? ???, you might need to ? for a bit. It may be World Emoji Day, but these delightful characters aren't going to be available until later this year. But at least they'll be free via download. So there's that!

The future may also hold better emoji representation for people with disabilities. Though they haven't been approved yet by Unicode (the international body that regulates emojis—who knew that existed!), Apple has submitted a proposal including hearing aids, guide dogs, wheelchairs, sign language, and more!

Until then, let's all dream of the day coming soon when we can more creatively ask for that cracker we've always wanted (squawk!) or get our friends to hop to it!

world emoji day

Parrots! Roos! Lobsters! Peacocks! Wheee! (Apple)

Oh, Mr. Kangaroo. You will be ours. Oh yes, you will be.

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