Zootopia set to get wild in theatres

If animals lived in their own city, what would it be like? Get ready to find out on March 4 when Zootopia hits theatres.
NATURAL ENEMIES ? Zootopia's first bunny officer Judy Hopps finds herself face to face with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox in Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Zootopia." (2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

This new Disney flick, which comes to us from the creators behind Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Wreck it Ralph, looks both hilarious and heartwarming. Zootopia is a city where all animals great and small—“from the largest elephant to the smallest shrew”—live. The animals are anthropomorphic, which means they act like humans. They talk, wear clothes, and use technology (animal selfie, anyone?). These animals do everyday activities just like us. They have jobs, families, and even have to go to school!

The story is about Judy Hopps, a rabbit that becomes a police officer, and her journey to solve a case of a missing otter with an unlikely partner. This partner is a fox named Nick Wilde, who is known for being a liar. But Judy is determined to prove herself as the first bunny on the police force, no matter how tough the case or wily a fox her partner is.

Zootopia is in theatres on March 4.

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      1. If you think that’s great, check out today’s post on real life raft-building ants. Pretty rad!

  1. i love offcer hops# hops 😀 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😥 😥 😥 😥 i t s c a r e d m e a b i t ! ! and i hop they come out a zootopa2 to (find out what is rog withit )

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