BOOK REVIEW: A Boy Called Christmas

OWLconnected reader reviews A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig
A Boy Called Christmas Nolan got into the holiday spirit with A Boy Called Christmas. (HarperCollins)

Ahh, the holidays. In between the snowmen, the family visits, and all the delicious food, we always find time to curl up with a good book.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday read? One of our top picks for this season is A Boy Called Christmas, a hilarious take on the origin story of Father Christmas. An ordinary boy named Nikolas must go to the North Pole to rescue his father, and on the way he encounters reindeer, elves, trolls, and all manner of magic. He might be a little less ordinary by the time this is all over...

Nine year-old Nolan reviewed this book for us. Read on to get his take on it!

According to Nolan

"I liked this book because it was funny! My favourite part was the ending because Rudolph was in it. (Well, a red-nosed reindeer.) I also liked the part where the troll's head exploded! It was very funny, and I bet it would be funnier in person!

I didn't really like the part where Blitzen had an arrow in his leg.

I think other kids would love to read this book because it's about Santa! Who doesn't like Santa?

I'd rate this book 10/10 because I pretty much like every part about it. The Christmas theme makes it feel like Santa really is real (I know he is!)."

So ho, ho, ho-w about it?

Sounds like quite the adventure! Think you'll add this one to your holiday reading list?

For best results, pair with a mug of hot chocolate and your favourite fuzzy blanket. Happy holidays!

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