OWLconnected reader reviews Horizon by Scott Westerfeld
Horizon Angela with Horizon, the first book in a new adventure series. (Scholastic)

What's better than a new book by Scott Westerfeld, best-selling author of the amazing Uglies trilogy?

Trick question. The answer is nothing.*

And this new book, Horizon, is Book One in a new series that's special for a lot of reasons. Seven reasons, in fact, because that's the number of awesome authors who will work together to write it. Westerfeld wrote this first book and has outlined all the others, but the actual writing will be done by a different person for each book.

As for the story itself: Horizon is about a group of kids trying to survive after a plane crash. It promises danger, mystery, and explosions.

We got OWLconnected reader Angela, 11, to review it for us. You can read her thoughts below.

Angela on Horizon

"I like how in Horizon, the kids find an anti-gravity device, and I also like how they solve problems in such stress-causing conditions.

But I don't like how the second book is coming next September because I'd like to read it immediately!

I think other kids should read it because if you like action, adventure, or survival stories (which I'm sure all of you like), then you should obviously buy (or borrow) this book right now. I give this book 10 out of 10 stars."

A promising start to a mysterious new series

Colour us intrigued! This is one series we'll be watching very, very closely.

*Except maybe puppies? And world peace.

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