BOOK REVIEW: Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom

OWLconnected reader reports on Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom by Kara Kootstra
Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom Meet Gabriel, the OWL reporter covering this new hockey-meets-music-class middle-grade novel. (Puffin Books)

We asked OWLconnected reader Gabriel, 11, to read and review Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom, a new book by Canadian author Kara Kootstra. Read on for his full thoughts!

In the words of Gabriel

"This is a very funny, exciting book about a hockey player’s struggles with the instrument he’s given in music class. I can relate to Jay, as I LOVE hockey and I am a saxophone player!

The best parts of this book are the Game Tips that Jay gives the reader throughout the book. They are funny little life tips for kids! I also love that Jay’s family is just like mine, with an eye-rolling sister, and sometimes embarrassing parents! I love Jay’s descriptions of his games and practices. Unlike most books I read, there is NOTHING I didn’t like about it, and I thought it was an amazing book from beginning to end.

I would recommend this book to any kid who has struggled to learn something new. Every kid has stuff that they are amazing at and stuff that they struggle with. I think this book would encourage kids to keep trying their best. I think other kids would LOVE this book because it’s funny and relatable.

RATING: 10 out of 10 would read again!"

Coming Soon

Sound like a cool read? Find Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom in a bookstore near you this January.

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  1. I like the review. It addresses the book as a whole without re-telling the story. At the same time, the reviewer’s positive opinions encourage the reader to settle into a comfortable, uncomplicated frame of mind ready to enjoy what promises to be an entertaining read.

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