BOOK REVIEW: Lucy & Andy Neanderthal

OWL reader Qori reviews Jeffrey Brown's new graphic novel Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
OWL reader Qori reviews Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Lucy & Andy Neanderthal is available August 30. (Penguin Random House Canada)

Calling all fans of the Jedi Academy series! Author Jeffrey Brown is back with a new graphic novel called Lucy & Andy Neanderthal. And OWL reader Qori is here to tell us about it.

What's the book about?

Lucy & Andy Neanderthal is a funny but educational book that teaches you about the Neanderthals through comics. Lucy & Andy are siblings and "typical" Neanderthals. They and their family have adventures that teach you about life in the Stone Age.

Qori gives it a 10/10

I liked the humour and the facts. For example, they would chew on animal skins to make them soft enough to work with. I don't dislike anything about the book. I think some parts are unnecessary but still funny. I think other kids would like to read it because the pictures are really funny and so is the story. Some kids don't like comics but I think that Lucy & Andy Neanderthal would change their minds. I rate it 10 out of 10.

Did you know?

Neanderthals are human relatives who went extinct about 40,000 years ago. The first evidence of Neanderthals were discovered back in 1856. Miners in Germany's Neander Valley (hence, Neanderthals) found fossils thought to belong to a cave bear. But a local historian believed otherwise—and he was right. Scientists eventually determined the "bear bones" were actually that of ancient human relatives. Since then, more than 400 Neanderthal bones have been found.

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