BOOK REVIEW: Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You!

OWL reader Benetta reviews the new book by 13 year-old activist Marley Dias
Marley Dias Benetta review

Have you heard about Marley Dias? This author and activist from New Jersey started making big headlines almost three years ago when she started the #1000BlackGirlBooks movement. After having trouble finding books with black girls as the main character, she aimed to collect and donate 1000 books centered around black girls.

Not only did she succeed many times over and become a rising activist and public speaker, she also got a book deal. The result is Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You! This book is full of advice, inspiration, and thoughts on life from Marley on a variety of topics. And did we mention that the author is just 13 years old? Who says you're too young to change the world?

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Marley speaks at the Forbes Women's Summit in New York last June. (Getty Embed)

So how does the book stack up? We asked OWL reader Benetta to read and review it for us. Tell us what you think, Benetta!

The review

This book is about a black girl taking a stand about how none of the school's suggested books are about black girls. I like that this book is actually written by Marley Dias, and that throughout the book Marley gives you quotes and suggestions about how you can take a stand!

I would recommend this book to someone going through a hard time or making a big decision. The only thing I didn't like about this book was that the whole third chapter was fashion advice.


Sounds pretty awesome, Benetta. Thanks! And thanks to Marley for being such an inspiration. Look for more about this awesome young activist in the upcoming Issue 39 of the OWLconnected eMag, too!

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