BOOK REVIEW: Momentus: Small Acts, Big Change

OWL reader Vivian reviews the debut book by teen activist Hannah Alper
Vivian review Momentus Want to read this book? You can! It's available now.

We here at OWLconnected are big fans of 15 year-old Canadian activist and blogger Hannah Alper. She has already spent nearly half of her life fighting for the environment and causes of social justice. She started her blog, at age nine. Since then, she has delivered TED talks, appeared at dozens of WE Days, and has spoken to thousands of kids all over North America.

Now, she has written her first book, Momentus: Small Acts, Big Change. The book is full of Hannah's advice for young people everywhere to help make the changes they wish for a reality. Naturally, we couldn't wait to put it in the hands of one of our readers. Meet OWL reader Vivian, 13—she read Momentus and is ready to give us her thoughts on the book.

Vivian's review!

Hannah Alper is a 15 year-old activist who has raised a lot of money and awareness for the environment. She started small, by picking up garbage in her neighbourhood. And then the small things became big. This year she hosted We Day with another activist, Spencer West, and she wrote a book.

The book is called Momentus: Small Acts, Big Change. Hannah believes people can make a difference, one action at a time. Throughout the book, she interviewed people she was inspired by. She asked them many questions such as why they do what they do, and how they got started. Two of my favourites were Vivianne Harr and Lily Singh.

When Vivianne Harr was 13, she ran a lemonade stand for 365 days straight, to raise money for slavery after she saw a picture of two boys carrying bricks on their backs as a form of torture.

Lily Singh is a Canadian YouTuber who created #girllove to stop girl-on-girl hate, which she experienced as a famous YouTube star.

I found the book very honest and inspiring, especially Hannah’s reflections on people’s stories. And it’s so cool to hear what got Hannah started. When she was 9, she was at a digital conference with her parents and she had to create a blog about her passion. That day, she realized she was passionate about animals and the environment and started a blog to share eco-friendly ideas.

I loved this book so much. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, no matter what you're interested in—you’ll love it.

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Hannah being honoured at the Bloomberg 50 event last December in New York City. (Getty Embed)

Thanks for so much for the review, Vivian! Are you excited to read this book? Let us know below!

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