OWLconnected reader Holly reviews Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Short review Short, by Holly Goldberg Sloan, reviewed by a different Holly.

Have you ever felt self-conscious? If the answer is yes, that's okay. Lots of people feel this way, including the main character in Holly Goldberg Sloan's new book, Short.

Meet Julia. She's—you guessed it—short. Which makes her perfect for the role of Munchkin in a production of The Wizard of Oz that her mother forces her to join. Working on the play isn't how Julia wanted to spend her summer vacation, but maybe it won't be so bad...

We sent a copy of this book to reader Holly for review. Check out her thoughts below.

So, Holly, how'd it measure up?

"I liked this book because I felt that the main character was very easy to relate to. The author made it funny, and true-to-life! I loved everything about it!

I think other kids would like to read this because even if you are not struggling with the same problem as her (being short and feeling self conscious about it), it is just a feel good read from start to finish, packed with fun!

10 stars!"

From best-selling author Holly Goldberg Sloan

If the author's name sounds familiar to you, that's probably because her last book, Counting By 7s, was a huge hit. Will Short be just as popular? That's up to readers like you!

Short is in bookstores now.

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