BOOK REVIEW and CONTEST: The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars

OWL reader Imre goes on a mathematical adventure
Math Kids Imre Review

Have you ever heard of a math novel that’s full of exciting twists and turns? In The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars, author David Cole combines his passion for numbers and writing to create The Math Kids series. The first book, The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars, follows Jordan, Justin, and Stephanie who use their love of math to solve a string of mysterious burglaries cropping up in their neighbourhood.

With the second and third books in the series set to come out later this year, we asked OWL reader Imre to read and review The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars!

Imre’s review!

In my opinion, The Prime Time Burglars is a fairly good book. One of the main things I liked about it was that even though it was pretty educational, it was still fun to read. It takes a very good amount of time to read, around an hour, which reduces boredom while reading. Some of the things I didn't like about it was that it was told from a first-person perspective and the person actually telling the story wasn't involved as deeply as the other characters.

I think other children would want to read this book because it will help them in their math career if they choose one, and it's very educational but still fun to read. It combines action, suspense, and mystery to create an awesome read. I would give this book a solid 8 out of 10.


Sounds pretty cool, Imre. Thanks so much for the review!

We’re giving away three copies of The Math Kids: The Prime Time Burglars. Leave a comment below with your name and age for a chance to WIN! Don't forget to also enter the Science Odyssey Contest (read on for more about that!)

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  1. I love reading, and I think this book sounds like a good book based on this review. I really like math, so I think that if it’s educational I could learn more about math.

  2. Hi – I am a grade five teacher and would love to read “The Math Kids: The Prime-Time Burglars” to my class! Thanks for the contest!

  3. It could be cool, honestly though, it doesn’t really appeal to me. From the review it sounds okay… but not my thing, I guess. 😐 😕

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