OWLconnected reader Tyron reviews a new book about how a group of kids survive being stuck inside during the pandemic... and we're giving away three copies!

For many of you, we're now a few weeks into the first month of school. How has it been so far? Though were certain that all of your experiences have been unique in some ways, we're willing to bet that a lot of you are simply happy to be back among your friends! That's because one of the greatest challenges of this pandemic for many people has been the lockdowns.

That's the topic of the new book Sunny Days Inside, published by Groundwood Books. It follows a group of kids who all live in the same apartment building. Once lockdown hits, they're forced to find new ways to cope with boredom, missing friends, and seeing their family ... All. The. Time. The really cool thing about this book is that it uses a collection of short stories to individually visit each apartment in the building, so each chapter has its own flavour. The stories are silly, touching, funny, and poignant. And put all together, they look at lots of different experiences had by people during COVID.

It's a great idea, right? To help you understand more about the book, we're doing a couple things. First, we have a review of the book from OWLconnected reader Tyron. Second, we're giving away three copies of the book so some of you can read it for yourself! Woo hoo!

Let's begin by letting Tyron give us his thoughts.

Tyron's review

Something I liked about the book was when Max was pretending to be Spiderman and was fighting all the bad cells.

What I did not like about the book was when Conner went on his Dad's computer to look for a chat log on the Internet called 'Virus' and people were talking about the Coronavirus and someone said: "IT'S NOT REAL!"

Something I learned was that Cavemen did not talk.

I rate this book 8 of 10!

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Contest time!

Sounds like there's a lot going on in the book, Tyron! We can't wait to read it!

And if you'd like to read it, too, here's how you could win 1 of 3 copies of Sunny Days Inside. Just comment below with your name and your answer to the following question:

What has been your favourite indoor activity during the past year?

Good luck!

Contest is open to residents of Canada only. Prize courtesy of Groundwood Books. Contest closes on September 30th at 11:59PM EST. Winner will be randomly chosen. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen here.

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